Company Profile

Business Philosophy

Li Gu Weighing Industrial Co., Ltd. established just over 36 years. Although we feel the hardships along these years, but our business philosophy always been the same. Below are the four philosophy of Li Gu highest guiding principle.
  • ◎ Staying connected to the industry attributes and developments, and establishing applicable solutions and customer services accordingly.
  • ◎ Our employees have the justified value, vision and integrity.
  • ◎ Fostering long-term perspective on value creation and operation philosophy.
  • ◎ Enhancing our sense of unity internally and strengthening our competitiveness externally.
Based on the above business objectives and philosophy, Li Gu always think about how to improve competitiveness, how to strengthen services and contribute to the community. We took the honest and reposal on guard and to encourage ourselves all the time, and we look forward to getting the trust and affirmative of the industry.