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Truck scale
FL/FP-MT-PDX Digital type Truck scale


Digital type Truck scale

FL/FP-MT-PDX Digital type Truck scale , which use the world's leading brand METTLER TOLEDO weight sensor technology to develop a digital-type load cell (Powercell PDX) and digital-type intelligent weighing indicator . Eliminate truck scale weakness - the junction box, and can accurate weighing, simplify maintenance procedures, cost savings. It is revolutionary truck scale equipment.

< Product Specifications>
Capacity 30 tons~100 tons
Platform Size 3x7.5M ~ 3x18M
Type Pit type / pitless type
Deck concrete deck /steel deck
*A variety of weighing capacity and platform size can be designed according to site requirements
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Scope of application

Used in various industrial and trade applications, such as metallurgical, mining, machinery, chemicals, food, logistics, port and road freight stations and other occasion’s supplies measurement , inventory measurement, production measurement, control and data management. It is the most perfect weighing equipment for various types of heavy vehicles.


  • 1. Each POWERCELL PDX load cell or IND560PDX has its own built-in lightning protection. The POWERCELL PDX load cell system has been proven in the independent testing to survive multiple lightning strikes up to 80,000 amperes. (The average lightning strike is 30,000 amperes.)
  • 2. POWERCELL PDX load cell with dual core shield cable, and it protects against oil, water, abrasion, and rodents.
  • 3. POWERCELL PDX passed the IP68 (7 days 1 meter in depth submerged) and IP69K tests (high pressure/temperature).
  • 4. POWERCELL PDX load cells connect to one another in a simple network, eliminating junction boxes.


Traditional load cell connetion
  • No junction box
  • The electronic device is protected in a sealed enclosure
  • Waterproof cable connector
  • Predictive diagnostic system can identify the source of the problem
  • Maintenance and repair quickly and easily POWERCELL PDX networks (no need junction box)
Traditional load cell connetion
  • The junction box is the most common cause of truck scale failure
  • Junction box’s electronic equipment not easy to be sealed
  • Manually continuous cable wiring
  • Need a long time for troubleshooting to find the source of the problem
  • Maintenance and repair takes a lot of time Traditional load cell connection need junction box