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Truck scale
FL/FP-A  Analog-type Truck scale


Analog-type Truck scale

FL/FP – A Analog-type Truck scale is a multifunctional weighing scale which use high-precision, bridge type load cell , More function of the weight indicator, and anti-interference stainless junction box.

< Product Specifications >
Capacity 30 tons~100 tons
Platform Size 3x7.5M ~ 3x18M
Type pit type / pitless type
Deck concrete deck /steel deck
*A variety of weighing capacity and platform size can be designed according to site requirements
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Scope of application

Used in various industrial and trade applications, such as metallurgical, mining, machinery, chemicals, food, logistics, port and road freight stations and other occasion’s supplies measurement , inventory measurement, production measurement, control and data management. It is the most perfect weighing equipment for various types of heavy vehicles.


  • RC- structure sturdy deck, acts silent, vibration resistant, crashworthiness
  • Strong Anti-corrosion ability, accurate positioning, not deformed, maintenance-free
  • RC deek is very heavy, stable structure
  • Automatic moveback mechanical design
  • Digital high precision electronic weight indicator
  • Digital filtering, auto zero tracking
  • Keyboard settings / calibration
  • Can articulate all kinds of weight data processor or computer system to perform data processing and printing