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LPS Flexible Container Weight Filling System


Flexible Container Weight Filling System

With the increase in international trade exchanges, domestic prepackaged bags have gradually replace small open pockets package with large space package, and it have become increasingly popular by convenient, fast and low cost. We have accumulated decades of experience in the design and manufacture of packaging equipment to produce LPS Flexible Container Weight Filling System. It has a high precision metering, filling speed, high degree of automation, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance, etc. This is the perfect equipment for bulk materials large format packaging industries.

LPS provides automatic bag clamping, bag blowing, weighing, shaking the bag, release the bag and automatic transfer and other functions, and thus complete the automated measurement filling jobs. Weighing mode can be divided into gross weight and net weight type. Gross weight type filled in the space bags and measured the weight at the same time. It is slower, but low installation height, less equipment costs. Net weight type measured the weight in the top of the tank and then filled in the space bags. It is fast, but the installation height is higher, and higher equipment costs.
Scope of application

Suitable for various powder materials in flexible container of automatic filling packaging. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, building materials, metallurgy and other industries.
Typical materials: PVC, PE, PET, PP, PBT, EPS, starch, cement, additives, phthalic anhydride, ammonium phosphate, ammonium nitrate, crystallized sugar and other materials.


  • Variety of types to choose for weighing
  • Adapt to a variety of bags, flexible options
  • Human Interface, simple operation
  • Two-speed for feeding control, measurement accuracy
  • With bags inflated, dust collection, heavy bags shaking to ensure the best filling results
  • Easy to operate, the pneumatic bag clamping, automatic bag releas, instrument parameters can be flexibly adjusted
  • Suitable for a variety types of the bag move out operation , such as forklift, conveyor

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