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FPS Valve bag packing machine


Valve bag packing machine

LIGU have professional experience and absorbing foreign advanced packaging technology to design FPS Valve bag packing machine. It Suitable for all kinds of powder materials and granular materials valve bag. It is the first choice for valve bag packaging equipment which uses PLC, automatic electronic measurement technology with continuous packaging, accurate, simple, no sewing kits, saving manpower, improve efficiency, etc.

Attention to their durability, aesthetics, easy operation and maintenance, less space requirements on its design. Measure by load cell and electronic weight controller . It is fast, precise and legible by digital display weight. Weight value can be quickly confirmed after completion of measurement. Measurement value modify operation is simple and convenient. Storage has level switch which can control the feeding pressure to maintain accurate manipulation in a stable state. Throughout the filling process, the bag will inflate. In order to enhance operational efficiency it use dust collection tube to suck out the air and the leak micro dust to make the work site clean and pollution-free. The load platform type can chose by roller type or groove type. In order to feet automatic operations it can be equipped with automatically push down bags devices.
Scope of application

Suitable for automatic weighing and filling of powder materials in various valve bags. Widely used in chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, mining, fertilizer, grain, feed, building materials and other industries.


  • Packing fast, accurate measurement
  • Structure is compact, small machine space
  • High degree of automation, simple operation
  • Various operating status display during operation
  • Overload protection and fault self-diagnosis function
  • Save sewing operations and equipment investment