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APS Automatic Bagging Scale


Automatic Bagging Scale

APS Automatic Bagging Scale performance is excellent, the operation is also very simple, is the best choice for users.

APS Automatic Bagging Scale is the weighing control system for automatically dispense large granular, powdery material into small package. Mainly composed by the feeding device, weighing unit, clip bag device and weighing control system . It can be used with sewing machine , conveyors and other equipment for automatic weighing and packing requirements. It has perfect structure, easy to operate, reliable performance. Adjusted for various production sites and production capacity to meet the needs of users

The product weighing instrument and weight sensors is high accuracy and can automatic tare, automatically adjust errors of the measurement process. Automatic complete the control of the execution unit with a gross weight, net weight, total weight and number of packages display functions that enables automatic statistics management of the production process. Weighing instrument with a data communication interface can be connected to a computer, printer.
Scope of application

Suitable for automatic weighing and filling of powder material in various open mouth bags . widely used in petrochemical chemical , plastics,building materials , mining , fertilizer , grain , feed , food , and other industries .


  • Variety of feeding equipment , materials adaptable
  • Two-speed for feeding control, feeding speed adjustable
  • Professional design for weighing mechanism, stable and reliable performance
  • Strictly surface treatment process, suitable for a variety of environments
  • Intelligent weighing control, with a variety of compensation
  • Store up to 10 recipes, with a package weight and number of packages cumulative function
  • High rate of conversion and anti-vibration technology
  • Automatic free flow compensation and automatic zero tracking technology
  • Overweight alarm and fault self-diagnosis
  • Variety of data communication interfaces to link computer data management