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Weighing System
ABS Weigh batching system


Weigh batching system

ABS Weigh batching system include storage of raw materials, transportation, weighing ingredients, dust collection, mixed materials and other equipment that suitable for powder and granular bulk solids, liquids and other materials. User-friendly design, dynamic simulation screen. Control and monitoring and management throughout the production process include feeding, ingredients, mixing, discharge and other equipment. Weigh batching equipment can choice "increase weight" or "loss in weight" mode according to industry characteristics, production management requirements and material properties.

Control scheme using advanced protocols that can use a variety of communication modes to complete the communication link with the PLC system. Its high speed, high dosing precision, stable performance, strong anti-noiso capability, easy operation, complete functions meet the needs of various batch weighing .
Scope of application

Used in chemical, fertilizer, plastics, rubber, wire and cable, cement, dry mortar, concrete, asphalt, ceramic, glass, metallurgy, mining, electricity, food, feed, flour and other processed powder and granular materials, liquid materials industries. From a single weighing to multi-scale weighing batching system, it can provide raw materials automatic batching control processes based on customer requirements.


  • Electronic weighing display, high precision measurement, calibration, and maintenance easier
  • Use various types of feeders and feed valve to coordinate measured raw materials characteristics
  • Multifunction human interface, can link with various types of control units, to perform a batch weighing process control
  • Multiple control mode selection, can be controlled by PLC, HMI, single-chip, and industrial type computer.
  • Variety of peripherals can be planning and design according to user needs