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BWS Electronic Bulk Weighing scale


Electronic Bulk Weighing scale

Factory often require to measure weight without interrupting the flow of material during transportation of bulk material. This value used for clearing inventory, control raw material consumption and the production process control, a basis for trade settlement within the enterprise.

In order to effectively solve the problem of measurement of bulk materials, we design BWS Electronic Bulk Weighing scale by our practical experience and expertise in the field of handling bulk material. It is a kind of tank scales for automatic bulk material weighing. It can divide a number of bulk materials into several discontinuous load parts. To get total weight of material value by weighing each parts and acumulative these value. Because it is based on a static measurement instead of dynamic measurement without the impact by the vibration during transport and uneven materials, that significantly enhance the measurement accuracy. This has a very high cost performance ratio in the same types of products by meet a variety of weighing functional requirements, such as bulk materials reception, transport, distribution, loading, etc.

BWS is suitable for small grain shipping and receiving measurement, middle measurement of the food processing industry, middle measurement of the beer brewing industry, raw materials receiving measurement of the feed processing industry, raw materials receiving and middle measurement of grease industry.
Scope of application

Suitable for continuous quantitative feeding / discharging or rehandling operations control.
Widely used in flour, grease, brewing, food, food storage, feed, chemicals, cement, coal, metallurgy, ports and other industries.


  • Batch type continuous weighing delivery. Can choose with a cumulative quantitative or batch quantitative mode
  • Fully sealed weighing structure, fast, stable, and reliable
  • Strictly surface treatment process, suitable for a variety of environments
  • Fault alarm and monitoring the work state
  • Improve materials data management and report printing
  • Variety of output interface