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LIW Type Constant Flow Rate Feeder


Type Constant Flow Rate Feeder

LIW Type Constant Flow Rate Feeder using loss-in-weight application . It is the constant flow feeding device which uses the reduced amount of material per unit time to account for material flow. System use the static weighing feeding systems (tanks, feeder and scale platform ) and variable speed control feeding device to control the material flow rate of bulk materials. Material discharged from the system through the screw , vibration or belt conveyor. Use per unit of time measurement, "weight loss" and the required supply amount the default to compare.

The difference between the default and the actual measurement value will be adjusted automatically corrected by the controller. The controller output 4 ~ 20mA analog signal to control the inverter or DC motor controller automatically adjusts the feed rate to maintain precise supply amount. When measuring the weight of the tank in the low level , the controller will control the feed system with the fix volume quickly re-feeding (manual or automatic). After the end of the feeding process, the system then automatically restored constant flow rate model.

System with all kinds of tanks and feeding equipment to match the characteristics of different kinds of raw materials. Optional mixing screw and bridge broken device, in order to ensure the smooth feeding of raw materials.
Scope of application

Suitable in chemical, building materials, electricity and other industries and used for Small flow particles or powder loss-in-weigh type constant flow measurement, or various bulk materials and liquids constant flow rate control. Widely used in PVC, chemical, plastic, carbon black, paraffin and other raw material constant flow control.


  • Suitable for the application of the constant flow rate
  • Frequency scaling feeding rate
  • Use Loss-in-weight discharge control, high accuracy
  • Can be set to control the feed flow rate (g, kg / second, minute, hour) and total acumulative weight
  • With automatic recharge function, use volumetric control type for feeding with in recharge
  • Test operation function with automatic learning mode can automatically detect the maximum and minimum operating flow rate of the system and memory storage
  • With automatic locking feature for abnormal changes in an instant to prevent external influences caused flow rate abnormality
  • Choose Screw feeder or Vibrating feeder for feeding control by material properties