Product Line

Weighing System



Used in ceramic raw ingredients automatic weighing equipment. Assemble by electronic weight controller, printer, remote data display, process remote controller and electronic weighing modules / platform scale , etc. Using computer-style recipe management control for remote weighing operations
Scope of application

This machine is suitable for ceramics and various industry raw materials batching control instructions and records.


Fully electronic weighing modules
  • Using four independent weighing module design, high precision, low failure rate, easy installation and maintenance
Electronic weight control panel and printer
  • Stainless steel wall-mounted control panel
  • Designed with anti-interference function
  • Can be memorized 10 formulas, each formula can store 30 kinds of raw materials settings
  • With high / low tolerance setting function
  • With zero range setting feature
  • 500 memory items details of batch ingredients
  • Password lock function protects the input of data
  • Can display and print the date, time, serial number, formula, item number, set weight, the actual weight and print formula acumulative weight after completion of the cycle
  • RS-422 (# 1) output, connecting to remote data display
Remote data display
  • 2 "red LED display, for field operation driver to reference batching operation
  • Show information: formula code (2 digits), material number (2 digits), set weight (5 digits), actual weight (5 digits and a minus sign) and the acumulative weight (5 digits)
  • A alarm light indicates when charging reaches the set weight, alarm lights to indicate the operation driver to stop feeding
Process Remote Controller
  • Convenient for batching operation by use remote controller
  • Memory key: When the addition was completed the accumulate weight can be memorized and automatically start the conveyor discharge. Press again, the conveyor automatically stops. Can continue to feed at any time.
  • Zero key: can clear the residual of raw materials inside the weighing hopper (must be less than the zero range)
  • Formula key: can choose for batching of the formula on the remote controller