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LAS bridge-type load cell


bridge-type load cell

LAS bridge-type load cell’s materials are high quality alloy steel (stainless steel optional) , with high precision, accuracy and long term stability. The sealing rating of IP68 can be used in a variety of harsh environments. Also have ball bearing suspension which can automatically move back and always keep module in the vertical weighing state. Widely used in truck scale , train scale and all kinds of industrial weighing scales.

Rated Load 5,10,15,20,25,30,40T
sensitivity 2.0 ±0.002mV/V
combined error ±0.02% F.S
Creep (30minutes) ±0.02% F.S
Zero balance ±1% F.S
TCO ±0.02% F.S /10℃
TC SPAN ±0.02% F.S /10℃
input impedance 750±10Ω
output impedance 703±2Ω
insulation impedance ≥5000M Ω
operating temperature range -30℃ ~ +70℃
safe overload 150, 120(40t)%F.S
Ultimate overload 300, 200(40t)%F.S
recommend excitation 10V ~ 12V DC
maximum excitation 15V DC
seal rating IP67(5t),IP68(10-40t)
construction alloy steel,stainless steel (optional)
cable length: 12m diameter:φ6mm
Exc+ (紅, Red) ; Exc- (黑, Black); Sig+ (綠, Green); Sig- (白, White)