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Load cell



LAS-D digital bridge-type load cell is a new electronic weighing technology which combined with modern microelectronics, computer technology. Mainly composed by analog load cell and A / D conversion module.

A / D module made by the IC circuit, which using SMT surface mount technology. Include: amplifiers, A / D converter, a microprocessor (CPU), memory, interface circuits and digital temperature sensors, etc.
  • Rated Capacity : 10T、15T、20T、25T、30T、40T
  • Output at Rated Load : 20000、25000、30000、40000
  • Safe Overload Rating : 150% F.S
  • 密閉等級 : IP68

To improve the accuracy and reliability by digital error compensation technology and electronic components ,applications with output linearity, zero, rated output temperature, creep and other performance parameters.
Output error less than 0.02%. cell’s parameters can be exactly the same when the batch production, so it has good interchangeability.
Using A / D converter circuit, digital signals transfer and digital filtering technology. Load cell have strong anti-interference capability, the signal transmission distance up to 1200m, improves the stability of the cell.
Automatically collect data and pre-processing, storage and memory, has a unique tag and easy for troubleshooting.
Using a standard digital communications interface directly connected to the computer can also be connected with standard industrial control bus, convenient and flexible combinations.
Using steel ball, and bearing structure which can be automatically moveback and adjust the structure of the center, good resistance to lateral forces and impact resistance.