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Electronics weighing modules
Electronics weighing modules LAH-M


Electronics weighing modules

Weighing modules is a new type of weighing components. It combined with load cell and mounting assembly to become a weighing system . Can be easily installed on various types of tanks and delivery device.

Electronic load cell’s materials are high quality alloy steel (stainless steel optional) with high precision, accuracy and long term stability. But for non-professional users, it is difficult to installed load cells on the mechanical equipment. Sometimes it will cause the weighing error by the improper design or installation. So the various issues to be considered when you install it.

The systems which use weighing modules have high precision, and long-term stability, and solve weighing errors due to improper installation. It looks simple, weighing accurate, safe and reliable, and more convenient installation and maintenance. Weighing modules are the ideal choice of various types of conveyor scales and tank scales
Scope of application

Capacity : 5kg、10kg、20kg、50kg、100kg、200kg、300kg
Load: Dynamic load, Static load
Application: Conveyors, platforms, tanks / hoppers


  • Load cell sealing rating of IP68, can be used in a variety of harsh environments
  • Modular structure, without having to install other accessories
  • Ball bearing connection , always keep module in the vertical weighing state
  • Check rod assembly to prevent overturning and easy maintenance
  • Ground wire, prevent the power surge to damage the cell
  • Quick and easy to install, saving installation and maintenance downtime
  • Used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries’ small and medium reactor for ingredients weighing control
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel (optional)