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LG-2210 Weight Data Processor


Weight Data Processor

LG-2210 Weight Data Processor is a high quality weight controller which can provide you with accurate weighing and professional services.
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Scope of application

Truck scale、Train scale、Floor Scale、Hopper Scale and Industrial Weighing System


  • With a standard RS-232 interface can communicate with various brands of electronic weight monitor’s weight signal, weight data obtained automatically, without manual input.
  • Touch-type multifunction Chinese/English keyboard. You can enter the system via password confirmation and perform parameter options and delete jobs.
  • With memory function able to store up to 100 customers, materials, pre-set tare weight trucks and truck’s data which need to be reweighed.
  • Can storage up to 1,000 truck’s weighing data.
  • When using the built-in Chinese character of the printer can print out customer and item’s Chinese name and statement.
  • After the weighing process is complete, the system will automatically generate the serial number . User also has the flexibility to adjust the number during weighing.
  • Built-in calendar. Date or time can be adjusted at any time, and date formats selectable using the Republic of China (YY / MM / DD) or YYYY (MM / DD / YY)
  • Have Centronic standard Printer Interface. Can connect of various types of printers and can print out weighing detail report (1000 trips), customer, car number, item number classification statistical reports, customer name table, item name table, and tare weight trucks data
  • Weighing data includes: weighing date, time into the factory, time out the factory, car number (6 digits), serial number (5 digits), customer code (4 digits), customer name (10 digits), item number (4 digits ), item names (10 digits), gross weight (5 digits), tare weight (5 digits), net weight (5 digits)


.Dustproof sealed stainless steel enclosure
.Dimensions: 296(L) × 238(W) × 107(H)mm
.Display: 240 × 64 LCD with backlight
.Display font: Chinese 16 × 16 points, alphanumeric 8 × 16 points
.Display area: 132mm(W) × 39mm(H)
.Display Dot Size: 0.47mm × 0.47mm
.Show Pitch: 0.51mm × 0.51mm