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BCM Computer batching control system


Computer batching control system

BCM (Batch Control Master) is computer batching control system with PLC (programmable controller) and computer connections, send the formulation and ingredients weight information to make daily report, periodic report and all kinds of statistical data analysis report.
Scope of application

All kinds of various quantitative raw materials ingredients mixed operation, such as feed, plastics, asphalt, ready-mixed concrete and chemical plants. Examples in the following table:
PVC production plant Transport of raw materials feeding, metering, mixing ratio control, production process monitoring, product storage and transport.
Wire and cable industry Transport of raw materials feeding, metering, control the mixing ratio of the mixed control.
Iron and steel industry Control measurement of the ratio of the feed, quality control testing measurement and feedback compensation control, quality monitoring measurement of product shipments.
Cement industry Control mixing ratio of production process, control bulk shipments and management audit metering between shipment and receipt weighbridge and the internal weighbridge.
Petrochemical Industry Measurement control and feedback control of production process. Mixing ratio measurement of different solvents of production and process control.
Feed industry Purchase storage warehouse→Semi-finished products→Mixing ratio control→The process control and measurement of finished product→Delivery control and measurement.
Ready-mixed concrete industry Ratio measurement control and process monitoring between aggregate and cement. The validation of connection between weighbridge and the measurement control system. And the integration of distribution industry.
Textile industry Produce→Package→Storage→Continuous measurement of ship and In / out warehouse management


Optional functions
  • External terminal, remote query and modify data
  • Maintenance by modem (MODEM), and workers direct contact factory for repair
  • RELAY contact output, 110V, 3A
  • Other special specifications and requirements, please contact us