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Truck scale
FL/FP-MT-D Digital type Truck scale


Digital type Truck scale

FL/FP-MT-D Digital type Truck scale is a digital-type electronic scale, which designed by the world's leading brand METTLER TOLEDO digital-type load cell (Digital Power Cell) and digital-type intelligent weighing indicator . The load cells can automatic compensation for digitization of temperature, linearity, hysteresis and other compensation. It is easy to operate the instrument, fully functional and high storage capacity. System designed with lightning protection function. Entire scale system is environment adaptability, superior performance, high accuracy, good stability, easy adjustment and maintenance.

Capacity 30 tons~100 tons
Platform Size 3x7.5M ~ 3x18M
Type Pit type / pitless type
Deck concrete deck /steel deck
*A variety of weighing capacity and platform size can be designed according to site
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Scope of application

Used in various industrial and trade applications, such as metallurgical, mining, machinery, chemicals, food, logistics, port and road freight stations and other occasion’s supplies measurement , inventory measurement, production measurement, control and data management. It is the most perfect weighing equipment for various types of heavy vehicles.


1. With lightning protection function. Load cells, Junction boxes, digital indicators all with lightning protection circuit design. Power part has lightning protection devices and whole system has perfect ground handling.
2. Digitization and automatic compensation
  • Load cell contains A / D conversion device and a CPU
  • use digital technology for automatic compensation of temperature, linearity, hysteresis and other compensation
No needs for scale calibration after replace the load cell
3. Digital calibration techniques
  • The truck scale’s unbalanced load calibration is done automatically
  • Can modify the truck scale factor and zero values, so that each set of load cell coefficient and zero parameters consistent
4. Digital communication technology
  • Can connect up to 32 sets of load cells in one system
  • Using the RS-485 bus technology, signal transmission distance up to 150 meters
  • Digital output signal of 5 ~ 6V, strong anti-interference capability
5. Intelligent technology
  • Load cell parameters can be changed based on software commands Fault self-diagnosis, Error messages code hints feature
  • Prevent to use the circuit to change the weighing signal