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YCS pallet scale is the scale system which increased high precision weight sensors and weight indicator in hand pallet truck . pallet scale handling and weighing of goods simultaneously and automatically display each weighing data. The YCS benefit have lightweight sliding, comfortable lifting, turning easy, accurate measurement, etc. YCS pallet scale equipped with rechargeable batteries and chargers. One charge can be used 55 to 60 hours, charging time is 8 to 12 hours
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Scope of application

Mainly used for the transfer of weighing in warehousing operations for pallet stacking goods or packing goods, such as railway, highway goods inventory weighing; enterprise finished products, semi-finished products out of storage weighing etc.


  • Hydraulic hand jack shift and weighing at the same time
  • Hydraulic system is strong and durable
  • Super heavy-resistant fork design
  • High quality PU road wheels
  • 4 sets dedicated load cells
  • Dedicated weight indicator
  • Rechargeable Power
  • Optional Printer


Model Indicator Capacity( t ) Sensitirity( kg ) Size
(width X length X lowest X highest)
YCS-2A-A AD-4328 2 0.5 550 x 1100 x 85 x 205
YCS-2A-B AB-500
YCS-2A-C 柯力
YCS-2B-A AD-4328 710 x 1250 x 85 x 205
YCS-2B-B AB-500
YCS-2B-C 柯力